Neo Rauch Der Bestand Druckgrafik seit 1988

Neo Rauch
Der Bestand
Druckgrafik seit 1988

On the occasion of the Graphics Foundation’s tenth anniversary, a catalog about Neo Rauch’s graphic oeuvre dating from 1988 until 2022 was published at the publishing house E. A. Seemann Verlag. Along with a catalog raisonné, the publication includes texts by Brett Littman and Silvia Käther as well as an interview with the painter about his early works by Dr. Doris Apell-Kölmel, and a talk between Wolfgang Büscher and Neo Rauch about home and roots.

Publishing House: E.A. Seemann, Leipzig
Publisher: Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch, Aschersleben
ISBN 978-3-86502-479-4
256 pages, 150 images

Nonsale price: 42 €


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