Educational Program "Graphic Days"

Project at the Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch:
„GRAFIKTAGE“ (Graphic Days) –  workshops for young students in Saxony-Anhalt

A look back on GRAFIKTAGE 2018 – topic:  „illustration“


The educational program Grafiktage exists since 2015, thusly in 2018 it was the fourth time running. With this project we aim to encourage talented pupils from Saxony-Anhalt in the field of the fine arts. We regard great value to the quality of the courses. Language of the courses/workshops is German.


The topic of year 2018 was illustration. Inspiration may be found in a personal favorite novel or in a short story for the participants. With the help of illustrations, stories shall be told. The drawing itself stands for the written word. The term “illustare” has its roots from the Latin language and means “visualizing content”.

The participant attended separately as well as together at the courses offered. The different courses took place between 31 July 2018 and 07 August 2018. A selection of works is on view from 09 September until the end of October 2018 and can be seen during the opening hours of the Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch.


Course 1: the drawing / illustration / 1st day
The participants had the possibility to experiment on different lines and styles for their drawing. They have been at liberty to make clear, fine or rough sketches with a usage of a variety of materials – e.g. hard or soft pencils, carbon pencils, ink pens or ballpoint pens.

Course 2: the coloration / 2nd day
Participants, who wanted to build on the first day of the course, attended to the second day as well. With the aid of examples, different possible expressions through color were explained. Choosing from a variety of media (i.e. pencils, crayons, water color), the works which has been made the day before had been be further developed with different techniques. Of course, we offered the participants a creative leeway to point out the essence of the works.

Renowned, professional artists were in charge of the workshops. Through the aid of the course instructors, the participants had the opportunity to learn essential, skilled manual basic knowledge in consideration of the topic presented.

The painter and printmaker Tilo Baumgärtel lives and works in Leipzig as well as he is among the artists of the so-called New Leipzig School. The artist Laura Bruce is an American, who lives, works and teaches in Berlin since in the 1990s.


Project day and workshop-based course: Calligraphy
Illustration enables bridging to field of (hand)writing. The art of calligraphy creates an optical impression of language. It has been practiced all over the world for centuries and has been documented in the field of art history as well. Our one-day workshop gave the opportunity to get to know the art of calligraphy at first hand.

This workshop had been guided by Petra Rüth, who studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig. She works as a graphic designer and studied in Cologne and Frankfurt/Maine.


Workshops „GRAFIKTAGE“:
Workshop calligraphy: Tuesday, 31st July or Wednesday, 1st August  2018
Course 1, Day 1 and 2:  Thursday, 2nd August and Friday, 3rd August 2018
Course 2, Day 1 and 2: Monday, 6th August and Tuesday, 7th August  2018

Exposition of the works: 09 September until end of October 2018



General criteria for participation:
Information about the project are published at the education server of Saxony-Anhalt (Landesbildungsserver des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt) and on our website. The schools of Saxony-Anhalt are contacted directly by mail as well. We are looking forward to applications by interested students between 14 and 18 years old. In the application form (Anmeldeformular) the offered courses and important dates are summarized. The number of participants for each course/workshop is limited. At the end, each participant receives a certificate. The participation at the courses/workshops is for free as well as the material and catering.


Please send the filled application form via mail or e-mail at:
Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch
Contact person: Ann-Sophie Parker
Wilhelmstraße 21 – 23
06449 Aschersleben

Phone +49 (0) 3473 /  9149344

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