Grafikstiftung Blend

Grafikstiftung Blend

This 100 % Arabica blend consists of exceptional coffee beans planted and harvested in South America.

The coffee’s taste satisfies through its delightful range of fine flavours redolent of almond and delicate sweetness.

It is perfectly made for a moment of rest after visiting the Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch in Aschersleben. Established in 2012, this foundation goes back at Neo Rauch’s beneficence of his graphic works: The annually growing collection comprises more than 100 prints.

The Grafikstiftung holds dear its activities with children and adolescents. From the earnings, EUR 1 of each coffee sold is donated for the support of the foundation’s diverse museum projects.

Grafikstiftung Blend was developed in cooperation with the local Kaffeemänner Rösterei in Aschersleben.

Nonsale price: 9 € / 250g (whole beans / grounded)

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